That’Z A Wrap

What started as a hobby making vinyl graphics and decals for the automotive industry has grown into a business that cosmetically changes architectural fixtures and household objects using vinyl wrapping. “Making vehicle wraps got my entrepreneurial blood flowing and I realized, what is preventing me from wrapping architectural objects such as refrigerators and doors?” says Martyn Clift, CEO of That’Z A Wrap. After some research, Martyn found the architectural finishing industry and is now one of twelve certified installers in all of Canada for Altyno Architectural Finishes.

Architectural Vinyl is a Flexible PVC decorative film that can be used in a variety of different applications to cosmetically change the appearance of any flat, smooth and non-porous surface. For example, this could include nurse’s stations, doors, walls, elevators and columns. This provides an environmentally friendly option to those looking for an aesthetic change without having to send quality items to the landfill, just because they do not match the new decor. In a recent renovation project with a hotel in Calgary, That’Z A Wrap was hired to cover elevator and hotel room doors. “We were able to wrap the doors to get the exact look they were going for and this saved 320 doors from the landfill,” explains Clift. Another environmentally friendly example is to wrap a refrigerator in a stainless steel wrap to match your decor, which keeps appliances out of the landfill.

Martyn is currently working on a new proposal for a large client in Calgary, which could lead to a move, as he feels there is large market potential there. He also has hopes of expanding and opening a second headquarters. None of this would have been possible without the expertise of the Entrepreneurial Development Center at Medicine Hat College. He is very proud of winning the 2019 MHC Start Up Pitch Competition as well as the Best Pitch award. The prize money he received helped him travel to North Carolina where he received training at the headquarters for this particular industry. “Christie at the EDC helped me find my value proposition, without her I might not have pursued this company to the degree that I have,” says Clift.

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