Design is passion for a local entrepreneur

When Bailey Tucker graduated from high school, she always knew she had an aptitude for design. 

She remembers the urge to redesign room layouts, process layout possibilities, good colour options and even fabric options.  These were designs she imagined for her bedroom, even at a young age. 

Bailey indicates that she is sure her artistic talent came from her mom, a talented painter and crafter.

Bailey shared a bit about herself, “I love nature, exploring and camping.  I enjoy doing things spontaneously but also appreciate structure and routine.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands and creating, whether it is interior design related or not.”  

When I asked Bailey what gives her the greatest joy?  “My son”, she says, “he has kept me laughing for the last ten years!”   Bailey’s favourite things are great stories that are unique and meaningful.   She loves to find a place with a beautiful view and knows this helps her get re-energized.

Today Bailey is the proud owner of Bailey Nicole Interiors + Design.  It is a boutique studio that offers professional interior design expertise for both residential and commercial design.

She explains how she started her journey to entrepreneurship.   “I completed decorating courses at Mount Royal College.  Many of the program instructors were Interior Designers that ran their own firms.   I started to wonder if this could also become my own full-time business. I continued my studies and completed an Interior Design diploma as well as an architectural class to learn design and drafting at Lethbridge College.”

In 2018, Bailey enrolled in an intensive entrepreneurship training program.  This classroom program, offered by Community Futures Entre-Corp, helped her acquire the skills she needed to launch her own business.

Bailey explained that she is capable of taking on projects that are big and small.  Clients are directed through the design process from idea creation to a final cohesive and beautiful interior design.

When I asked Bailey what she thought sets her apart from her competition, she had this to say, “Because of my training and educational background, I am qualified to be a part of various phases of the build and renovation cycle.  As a certified Interior Design Technologist, I can also complete drafting services which is not a typical service offered by interior designers. “

I also discovered that Bailey is new to Medicine Hat.  She explained how she has already met so many contacts.  She said that it is only a matter of time before her network of contacts will turn into growth and success in her future.

When I asked Bailey what guides her, she explains, “I think it is about staying true to yourself, who you are and your brand.  If a customer loves what you do, they will use your service and refer you to others”.  

Bailey can see a bright future for her business as she explains how new industries and real estate expansion in Medicine Hat will create more demand for the services that Bailey Nicole Interiors + Design offers.

Bailey also shared that,  “ The entrepreneur training I received at Community Futures Entre-Corp has helped me better understand small business operations”.

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This story was written by Elizabeth Blair.  Elizabeth is the regional innovation network (RIN) coordinator at Community Futures Entre-Corp and works to oversee activities with APEX.  APEX is a Regional Innovation Network that supports the growth of innovative and technologically-oriented businesses in Southeast Alberta.

APEX is a collaborative initiative between three core service providers: Community Futures Entre-Corp Business Development, Medicine Hat College; and Alberta Innovates. APEX strives to support local entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises to develop and adopt new technologies, commercialize innovative new products, improve productivity, and get connected to Alberta’s Innovation System.