The art of networking

Several years ago I worked as an independent financing specialist. For about 8 years, my business was a sole proprietor under the authority of a licensed mortgage brokerage. It was my responsibility to advertise my services and generate my own leads. Advertising and marketing were outsourced while I used my relational personality to network and build business contacts.

Not only did I grow my customer base, but I continually invested time and energy in meeting network partners with whom I could cultivate reciprocal business. Each year, as I continued to build the business, I added more contacts to a database which grew to over 750 people including: prospects, clients, lawyers, appraisers, lenders, realtors, professional trades, and other service providers. I began to see a direct correlation between the referrals that I gave out to others and the referrals that I received back from others. A steady stream of referral business, along with constant networking and relationship building, allowed me to grow annual sales from $0 to almost $10 million by my third year of business.

While diligent efforts to promote oneself with advertising are certainly beneficial, be careful not to underestimate the growth power that comes with intentional networking and referral business. If you want to reap the reward of constant referred business coming your way, follow the basic rule: give if you expect to receive. What a straightforward concept, but yet so difficult for many to put into practice.

There are great structured networking programs out there that help motivate members to refer business so use these opportunities to learn more about others. Don’t simply promote yourself. Here are some local networking opportunities that you can explore. The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce posts regular networking opportunities, for members, on their websiteThe Medicine Hat Women in Business is another group that hosts three annual networking events for local professional women.  The local Rotary Club of Medicine Hat also offers opportunities to network and serve the community. There are also many other small service groups that meet throughout the city.

Does your business allow you to get out of your office, meet people for coffee, and learn about other businesses that can connect you with excellent leads? Focus on building an established network of businesses and professionals that you believe in and would endorse.

Take time to practice the art of networking and discover how this skill can lead to growth for your business.

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