6 steps to moving your retail business online

Christmas is coming!   47 days, and counting.   

According to market research expert Forrester, Canadians will spend up to $39 billion dollars in online purchases by 2019.  Disruptive innovation and the introduction of sophisticated e-commerce options are changing the way we shop and how we buy products and services. 

Improvements in technology and advanced payment tools, have led to a more sophisticated and robust e-commerce industry. 

Online retail has become a “cash cow” for some. DollarShaveClub.com, an e-commerce start-up that sells a subscription service for men’s razors built a powerful brand in just 4 years. The company’s founder, Michael Dubin hit the jackpot when Unilever purchased his brand for $1 billion in 2016.  

The market share of online retailers continues to climb. According to IBISWorldAmazon.com currently holds 29.4% of market share in an industry that has growing revenue potential and will continue to post strong gains over the next five years. While competition in the e-commerce market is high, there is still room for retailers to get into the game and participate in e-commerce opportunities to grow their business. With greater competition, there is an increased need to ensure businesses have the right combination of resources and tools to get into that market and succeed. 

Here are some of the important considerations in migrating your retail business into an e-commerce market.

1. Investigate existing e-commerce platforms that develop tools and resources for retailers who wish to create an on-line store.

2. Select an excellent web developer who will ensure the highest security is available to those who access your site to make online purchases with either a credit card, or funds transfer services.

3. Invest in the best marketing and design services. Your website should be appealing and user-friendly. Invest in excellent design, clear content and high quality videos and photography. 

4. Ensure your website is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices and that it is easy to navigate. Run through tests to see how the website looks using various desktop and mobile devices.

5. Be sure to follow proper reporting, tax charges on sales and remittance requirements if your website is generating income. Details can be located at Government of Canada's website.

6. Research the industry to see how you can measure up to compete against the big players. Community Futures Entre-Corp can send you comprehensive market research to help you understand more about the e-commerce sector.

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