Termuende the keynote speaker at cannabis production seminar

APEX Alberta (with the support of Alberta Labour) continues its “Emerging Industries & The Future of Work” three-part informative sessions targeted for business and community members held at the Medicine Hat College.

The keynote speaker for the second event on Oct. 25 is Eric Termuende, who is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, a bestselling author, a TEDx speaker, and who represented Canada at the G20 Summit. He speaks and writes internationally about the future of work and human-centricity in the workplace.

In his presentation, Termuende will talk about the importance of community and belonging at work. The conversation about the Future of Work is bigger than millennials and generations and spans wider than technology and workplace aesthetic — it is about people and creating a life each of us can enjoy living through the work we do.

The days of 9-5 transactional work are long past us, and the Future of Work is years away from giving us the freedom we thought we would have. Trust, belonging, constant feedback, transparency, innovative, agility. These are among the words that our organizations need to be rooted in and really focus on.

How do companies think through the relationship between humans and machines? What skills do employees have that either facilitate or hinder interaction with machines?

Termuende will discuss in depth what it takes to prepare for jobs tomorrow. “We need to be planning today,” he writes, “It isn’t just the hard skills that will set employees or employers apart, it will be the development of soft skills and experience at work that will be the real differentiator.”

Sure, technology is making work easier to do from more places, more times of the day, and on devices that fit in our hands, but what does this cost us? The Future of Work has shifted from something that was incredibly exciting to something that we are far more cautious about.

“Technology isn’t the purchase of a new technology,” Termuende writes, “it is the shift in mindset.”

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APEX, the Regional Innovation Network (RIN) collaborates to put its collective resources together to support and improve the development of innovation and technology among small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in our region.

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Katie Taylor is the marketing advisor for APEX Alberta. APEX Alberta supports the growth of innovative and technologically-oriented businesses in Southeast Alberta. APEX Alberta is a collaborative initiative between three core service providers: Community Futures Entre-Corp, Medicine Hat College and Alberta Innovates.