Atlantis Research Labs

Advanced technology in the energy sector

Hydrocarbon energy producers in Alberta are producing tremendous amounts of methane emissions, a harmful environmental by-product. Tackling emissions is currently a priority for governments around the world.

A technology solution to help reduce oil and gas producer emissions has been developed by Atlantis Research Labs.  The founder of Atlantis Research Labs, Vladimir Mravcak, had a passion for technology from his youth.  He grew up in an era where the space shuttle program was active and where technology was evolving at a very fast pace; he witnessed the development of the internet. 

Atlantis Research Labs was created as a commercial research lab with a goal to produce technology to address industry needs where there are large and complex challenges. Following a multi-year program, Atlantis developed an advanced jet combustor which would provide the solution needed by the oil and gas industries. The innovation is called PureJet. Adapted from Atlantis Research Labs’ aerospace technology, it will change the way aerospace vehicles are designed and built in the 21st century and can be used to help the energy sector reduce its emissions in the 21st century.  PureJet draws in emissions and then incinerates the multiple types of gas and then neutralizes the pollutants at a 99.9% efficiency rate.  There is no output of flame or smoke produced in the process.

Vlad discovered the programs with Alberta Innovates (AI). The connection to AI allowed Atlantis Research Labs to accelerate their technology development through AI’s acumen and technical capacity and AI’s ability to recognize innovation and support it. Atlantis Research Labs began working with AI and Community Futures Entre-Corp and this partner connection assisted Atlantis Research Labs with the ability to move through the technology market stages. Atlantis Research Labs was an organized business entity prior to arriving in Alberta, although, it was the AI connection that allowed Atlantis Research Labs to prepare their product for the marketplace.

With the assistance of the AI micro-voucher and Voucher program, Atlantis Research Labs was able to accelerate the prototype design and development process of its PureJet product line. A possible next step would be to continue to work with AI through its Product Demonstration Program (PDP) and also the Industry Commercialization Associates program which are designed to help complete the product development cycle and get the PureJet product to market. Vlad stated that AI helped with those key processes to help de-risk the technology for the client and then to demonstrate how the technology works, and assisting to demonstrate that it is a valid commercial product. He said that these were all critical milestones in the innovation process and that AI provided the necessary support through these programs.

This story was written by Elizabeth Blair. Elizabeth Blair is the regional innovation network coordinator at Community Futures Entre-Corp and works to oversee activities with APEX. APEX is a Regional Innovation Network that supports the growth of innovative and technologically-oriented businesses in Southeast Alberta.

APEX is a collaborative initiative between three core service providers: Community Futures Entre-CorpMedicine Hat College; and Alberta Innovates. APEX strives to support local entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises to develop and adopt new technologies, commercialize innovative new products, improve productivity, and get connected to Alberta’s Innovation System.